The Prairie Home Show

The Prairie Home Show project offers a unique opportunity for Sun Prairie student musicians, actors, and media enthusiasts to learn from teaching artists and media professionals from Prairie Music & Arts and the Sun Prairie Media Center. 

Project activities include learning the behind-the-scenes aspects of developing a show for media such as using technology, writing scripts, announcing, acting, playing in a musical ensemble, composing and performing music, interviewing, and much more. Activities such as these provide real-world experiences for students that can aid in future career development as well as strengthen life skills such as leadership, self-confidence, and teamwork.

The 2022-2023 season features hands-on learning with Prairie Music & Arts and Sun Prairie Media Center.

  • Spring Session Start Dates – Production Team/Mon 5:30-6:30 pm (March 6th) and Music Team/Fri 4-5:30 pm (March 17)
  • Radio and television production Feb 2023 
  • Live production May 19, 2023
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The Prairie Home Show is a two-year project funded through the generosity of the Sun Prairie Education Foundation.

Contact for more information about The Prairie Home Show and view this one-of-a-kind production below! ason