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Summer Accents 2018

Summer Accents 2018 – Prairie Music & Arts programming for art, drama, and music this summer!

Summer Accent 2018 Program Information

We offer a variety of evening camps, workshops, and group classes for all ages and levels of experience!


  • Mini-Camps (Tuesday-Thursday) with a variety of artistic themes! A perfect option for families taking extended weekend vacations!
  • NEW STUDENT Lesson Package – Ease into the experience of one-on-one lessons in preparation for continuing during the school year!

Summer Packages include any combination of one-on-one private lessons, camps, and 2-hour workshops across all PMA departments. Group classes for young children elementary-age students include  Friends at the Piano, S.I.N.G. Group Voice Class, and Early Childhood Music classes.

Submit a complete registration form (link below), and a PMA representative will contact you via phone to schedule your lessons and/or confirm your registration.

Summer Accents 2018 Registration