Private Music Lessons

Private music lessons are available for Piano, Voice, Guitar, Trumpet, Low Brass, Cello, and Drum Set. ALL private lessons are being taught remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Note: We have limited availability in piano, voice, violin, and viola lessons. Please CALL at your earliest convenience to learn about lesson openings in the piano and string departments.

Registration Information:

  • Please read through the Policy Document carefully.
  • Tap “print screen” when viewing the tuition page and save this information for your records
  • Complete registration entirely before returning to the PMA website to make online payments. Cash and check payments are also accepted and must be received within 48 hours of completing registration.
  • Registrations are honored in a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Registrations are not accepted without a first tuition payment and administration fee.
  • Adult students have a separate registration form.
  • Students must have an instrument for at-home practice prior to registering for instrumental lessons.

All of the policy documents, pricing information, and pertinent registration forms can be found on our “music” page!

You will be contacted via email and/or phone to schedule a lesson time. Contact Julie Baskinger at or (608) 834-9550 for more information.

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