Cora Grover

Art Instructor

Associates Degree in Arts & Humanities, Madison College, pursuing Art Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Art is whatever you want it to be, no one is able to tell you what it is or isn’t. Art is your form of self-expression and being able to teach our future generations how to do that is why I’m here.”

Cora Grover grew up in the small town of Waterloo, WI with a very close-knit family. She comes from a long line of artists, stating “My father is a woodworker and carver/engraver, my grandfather is a painter, musician, and singer, my great-grandfather was a painter, and so on. Being an artist was just in my blood. My parents always make the joke that I started drawing the second my little hands could hold a crayon. Art was my motivation to work hard, find strength and interest in pursuing new mediums or things I was scared of trying.”

Cora is currently working toward an art education degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and plans to pursue a career as an art instructor. Her artistic style stretches from landscape acrylic and oil paintings to tattoo designs, and she most recently completed a commissioned mural at the Best Western East Towne Suites in Madison. Cora’s work can be viewed on Instagram here.

Cora’s artistic experiences have helped her find the courage to pursue things she once saw as daunting and inspired her as she pursues her path as an educator. In her own words, “Everything I’ve learned from my teachers and professors has only made me more excited to be the next generation of educators. I remember being asked in 5th grade the timeless question of ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ and here I am, pursuing that dream.” 

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Cora shares her personal journey of losing a brother as a volunteer public speaker for the UW Organ and Tissue Donation program. She is also a self-proclaimed “huge movie nerd” and enjoys traveling on spontaneous adventures to new places.