Autumn Falk

Art Instructor

Pursuing Art Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Anyone can participate in the practice of art. No moment is too small or too large to be expressed in art form. Artists are always learning from each other.”

Autumn Falk is from Peshtigo, WI, a small town known for the nation’s deadliest fire (except no one knows it). She is currently studying art education at UW-Madison and her work ranges from drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics to woodworking, metal smithing, glass blowing, and much more. She experiments with both realism and abstraction in her work and her 3D sculpture with neon lights was recently shown in the UW Glass and Neon lab show Calibrations. As she explains, “I love working with glass because it is such an interesting element that is so strong yet fragile, solid yet liquid, and has a very interesting interaction with lights.” 

Autumn’s work can be viewed at here.

In Autumn’s words, “everyone I meet says, I can’t do art, I can only draw stick people. People don’t realize that stick people are just as much art as anything else. My goal as a teacher is to allow students an opportunity to express themselves in whatever way they see fit. The art world has room for everyone!”

Autumn stays busy at Prairie Music & Arts and teaches at several locations in the Sun Prairie area. Outside of PMA, she plays saxophone in the UW Madison Marching Band and works at the downtown Madison Nitty Gritty; when the sun is shining, she loves to take her motorcycle out for long rides, and camp, hike, and kayak. “I would be on the water every single day if I could!”