Making music, building dreams through the arts
Emily Vandenberg
Voice & Drama Instructor

Emily is a vocalist and an actor from Appleton, Wisconsin. She started studying piano when she was five years old and fell in love with performing during her first elementary school musical. Throughout her schooling experience, Emily played saxophone in jazz band, marching band, and her school's band ensembles. She also sang with the Badger State Girl's Choir in addition to her school's choral ensembles and continued to perform in various musicals throughout high school. Finally, she performed in her high school's improv. group, an experience that greatly enhanced her other performative endeavors. In the pursuit of her Music Education degree, Emily has sought methods of connecting each child's experience with music to elements of their everyday lives and to help foster student's continued participation in, support of, and relationship with the arts.

While at UW, Emily sought out multiple opportunities to enrich her own performative experiences through campus play festivals, participation in various UW Operas, and involvement in IMT, the school's theatre student organization. Recent roles include The Baker's Wife in the UW Opera and Theatre's production of Into The Woods and Rona Lisa Peretti in IMT's production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

Emily's teaching philosophy relies upon forming connections between the unique skill sets and perspectives that each student brings to their craft. Applying real life experiences to both singing and acting (which often work in tandem) creates a far more effective performance for the audience and leads to a far more meaningful experience for the student. She also is a firm believer that music and acting both improve our capability to communicate effectively with others, assist in the development and practice of empathy, and strengthen our confidence and sense of self.