We are a Non-Profit Music, Arts and Drama Center that provides a holistic experience for kids of all ages!


It is our goal to foster musical and artistic exploration that leads to self-confidence and creativity, as well as to offer a community that both inspires and enriches. 


We believe that life is better through shared experiences. As such, our programs are holistic and multidisciplinary in nature and foster collaboration.


We are a community of creative and supportive musicians, visual artists, and actors and our programs emphasize a commitment to outreach and equal access.

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Making Music, building Dreams
Through the Arts



Our private music program fosters expression for all ages – developing the mind, body, and soul. Whether your interest is pop, Broadway, jazz, or classical styles, our private lessons offer something for everyone.

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Feed your imagination through the creative visual arts. Classes include drawing, painting, and mixed media topics and recognize that experimentation and exploration are important for developing self-expression.

Drama 3


Celebrate the dramatic arts in a program designed for young actors and creative writers. Our program helps youth gain fundamental skills in character development, improvisation, costume & set design, and theater-based storytelling.

School News

A Precarious Time to Be in the Arts

Since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to be an artist. That plan never changed, but as I got older and began to experience the world without the parental controls on, I realized that being just an artist wouldn’t suffice. So, what did I do? I enrolled at a university that is most notable for its business, biology,

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Community From the Inside Out

Community is defined as a group of people with common interests, and this term lends itself well to the arts. After all, singing and drumming have been around almost since the beginning of time to bring people together during times of struggle, to spread the word about a specific need or want, or simply to share in joyful moments. Opening

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Summer’s Coming, Now What?

A road map for choosing summer programming for your child Summer is fast approaching, now what? Choosing summer programming for children can be overwhelming, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. Now with the complexity of virtual learning and social distancing thrown in, it can make even the most seasoned parent lose their mind! Just a few of the

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