Madison Deyo

Art Instructor, Administrative Assistant, & Media Specialist

Bachelors of Science in Art (Drawing and Illustration) and Communication Arts (Radio, TV, Film) University of Wisconsin, Madison
Working with the arts allows people to express themselves and their creativity through a visual outlet, letting them better understand who they are as well as the world around them. The arts are the most evident sign of what it means to be a human, and participating in any form of art gives people the opportunity to foster their own creativity and individualism.”

Madison Deyo (She/Her/Hers) is an artist, writer, and videographer from Baraboo, WI. She has degrees in art, communication arts, and digital productions from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Since kindergarten, she was determined to be a visual artist and has never looked back.

During her education at Baraboo High School, she participated in the Wisconsin Art Education Association’s Visual Arts Classic. There, she earned a second place prize on her long-term linoleum print piece, and a first place on her on-sight linoleum print in 2015. In 2016, she received a first place award for both her long-term and on-sight flora and fauna colored pencil illustrations. In the spring of 2019, Madison worked as an intern at the Madison Children’s museum where she operated a vintage printing press, assisting guests with projects and educating them on the history of the press. She also worked individually with guests in the art studio at all sorts of different creative stations. As part of her second major and certificate, Madison has written two full-length film screenplays and spent a large amount of time using production and editing software.

As someone who struggled with STEM based learning throughout high school, Madison believes in incorporating the arts into all forms of education so that all students have an opportunity to learn in a way that best suits them. She strongly stands by the studies showing that learning and exploring the arts helps individuals with problem solving skills, boost literacy and self confidence, expand emotional intelligence, further develop fine motor skills, and much, much more. As an educator, Madison strives to make sure that all students are able to express themselves, gain new insights about their own creative capacity, and find a safe space to foster their growth as individuals. 

In addition to her duties within the art department, Madison is the go-to person in the PMA front office. She manages school communications, registrations, and media production as well as just about anything else that needs to be done. She is also a member of the PMA outreach team and teaches at after-school art programs throughout the Sun Prairie area.