Autumn Falk

Art Instructor
“Anyone can participate in the practice of art. No moment is too small or too large to be expressed in art form. Artists are always learning from each other.”

Barbara Wolfman

Piano & Composition Instructor
“It’s such a wonderful gift to discover new things about one’s self in the process of making music and to soar on the ability to express one’s self through that music – both alone and in collaboration with and support of others!“

Charity Schmitz

Piano Instructor
“ I want my students to take their knowledge of music and use it even after their time with me in the studio. I want them to be lifelong learners, musicians, problem-solvers, and critical-thinkers!”

Cora Grover

Art Instructor
“Art is whatever you want it to be, no one is able to tell you what it is or isn’t. Art is your form of self-expression and being able to teach our future generations how to do that is why I’m here.”

Kari Walton

Executive Director/Founder/Piano Instructor
“Everyone has an ability and a right to experience the arts. Learning moments should be a collaborative process and guide students to their own unique creative path.”
Kyle Rightley

Kyle Rightley

Guitar, Euphonium, Trombone, Jazz Instructor
“I want to foster individual expression, collaboration, and communication through music.”

Lindsey Hoel-Neds

Drama Instructor
Arts should be accessible to all students as a tool for understanding themselves and their world. Arts have the power to change the world and change us as individuals. As a teacher, my role is to facilitate growth and learning, while also supporting students in their journey of self and identity in a fun and accessible environment.

Madison Deyo

Art Instructor, Administrative Assistant, & Media Specialist
Working with the arts allows people to express themselves and their creativity through a visual outlet, letting them better understand who they are as well as the world around them. The arts are the most evident sign of what it means to be a human, and participating in any form of art gives people the opportunity to foster their own creativity and individualism.”

Peter Baggenstoss

Piano & Jazz Studies Instructor
“Music education can teach us things like creativity, discipline, flexibility, and the ability to cooperate with others, but most importantly it can simply make life more enjoyable.”

Stephen G. Tabor

Drama Instructor
Every person has a story that is simultaneously unique to their lived experiences and also common to the collective human experience. When we share our stories, and when we listen to the stories of others, we see ourselves and we see each other. We experience a recognition that can shatter the divisive barriers among us to remind us that we are all human. That’s why theatre is a part of who we are and should therefore be available to everyone – because it is about everyone.

Ying Wang

Piano Instructor
My job as a teacher is to help students cast me aside so that they eventually become their own teacher.”